Customer Relationships - To Be, or Not To Be


Relationships are like bridges. You are on one shore and your customer is on the other. It stands as the source of your revenue stream. The relationship bridge takes years to build and requires responsible maintenance to remain, yet it can be destroyed in seconds. How? – Why? Because the wrong thing is said or done to the customer at the wrong time, the wrong place in the wrong manner and for the wrong reason. Therefore: No bridge... No income and No paychecks. 

Joe Egan (Egan Connection, Inc. & Egan Publications Inc.) is author of: The General Contractor – How to be a Great Success or Failure. Joe is available to present his seminar Customer Relationships: How to Build and Maintain...not Destroy

Realize the consequences of the positive and negative emotions 

How to take the first step in developing a valuable relationship 

Develop rapport, tact and empathy which transcends to trust 

Respect and safeguard your customer’s vulnerabilities 

Embrace problem solving and response to complaints 

What happens when trust is betrayed? How to recover from a big mistake


Repeat business is earned …and keeps your competitors away 


The 4 Hour Workshop

Defining and Achieving Project Success - for the person and for the company

This workshop is meant for larger teams looking to provide learning and development training into their company.

Joe Egan goes touches on the history of construction and then speaks about rising from apprentice to owner.  He provides examples of sitting on both sides of the table for projects worth over a million dollars.  

Your team will gain knowledge on Dealing with others, Customer Importance and focus, Leadership style, dealing with subcontrators, when to terminate a subcontractor, and he will define project success.

Included are breakout sessions and group activities.

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