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   For decades, Joe Egan was an owner of one of the nation’s largest construction companies. Joe has created many successes and survived many failures involving millions of dollars. Since, he has authored two books on the subjects of success and failure through empowerment and overcoming.  Joe’s one minute presentations (EGANISMS) will guide our SRN listeners to successfully navigate everyday events, emotions and reactions to steer a principled course. Plus, he is a nationally recognized Voice Over Talent!

Current Workshops Offered:

Defining and Achieving Project Success 

(For the Person and for the Company)

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Topics and Breakouts:

  1. Changes in Construction
  2. Dealing with Others
  3. Engaging with Yourself
  4. Customer Importance and Focus
  5. Leadership Styles
  6. Dealing with Subcontractors
  7. When to terminate a Subcontractor
  8. Defining Project Success
  9. Summary

Most recent 4 hour workshop was with The Douglas Company in Holland, OH 

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Deal with the good and bad that happens in life.  I produce weekly (one minute) features called EGANISMS which offer tips on empowerment, overcoming, and success.

Learning Courses On Top Presentation Skills:


Learn presentation skills from an expert who had an ownership position in one of the largest construction companies in the nation. There is a method and skill set that made him successful in a tough bidding industry. With over 30 years of construction negotiation experience, Joe is here to help you beat your competition at your next presentation with information that is easy to understand and quick to implement. In his course, he shares his knowledge and experiences to help you get ahead of the competition and learn what it takes to become a leader!


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A contractor’s success hinges around their most important asset: the customer relationship. With decades of experience in the construction industry, author Joe Egan rose from apprentice to senior management and ownership positions at several large construction companies. Learn from his decades of experience in witnessing the building and destruction of that fragile bond between the contractor, employees and customers.



Your personality is your distinctive group of emotional traits. It is who you are. Character is what you do with yourself. Character is about morals and ethics; it’s what you do even when no one is looking. Combining personality and character is to join thinking and doing. This book combines the thinking personality with character’s doing to help you successfully navigate everyday events, emotions, and reactions.



Professional Peer Review:  

“I want to say I absolutely loved your book Building Positive Character- Tips on Empowerment, Overcoming, and Success – it not only has helped me become a better employee, coworker and business contact but a better sister, daughter and friend. You are a true inspiration, keep up the great work! ” – Autumn Brendemuhl of Life Safety Systems Inc

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