For decades, Joe Egan was an owner of one of the nation’s largest construction companies. Joe has created many successes and survived many failures involving millions of dollars. Since, he has authored two books on the subjects of success and failure through empowerment and overcoming.  Joe’s one minute presentations (EGANISMS) will guide our SRN listeners to successfully navigate everyday events, emotions and reactions to steer a principled course. Plus, he is a nationally recognized Voice Over Talent!

Current Workshops:

Defining and Achieving Project Success 

(For the Person and for the Company)

Topics and Breakouts:

  1. Changes in Construction
  2. Dealing with Others
  3. Engaging with Yourself
  4. Customer Importance and Focus
  5. Leadership Styles
  6. Dealing with Subcontractors
  7. When to terminate a Subcontractor
  8. Defining Project Success
  9. Summary

Comments from some of the 80 project managers and superintendents who attended my 4 hour conference workshop for the Douglas General Contracting Company in Ohio

Nice finally having speakers who could relate and understand our industry.

I want more presenters like Joe.

Joe Egan was an excellent choice! 

Really enjoyed Joe’s experiences he talked about.

Best conference ever!

Joe Egan did a great job, really liked him.

One of our better conferences in recent years.

Joe Egan did a great job and we as a group could really relate to him given his past construction experiences.

Great Speaker.  He held my attention and it made the day go quick.  I found the conference to be very effective.

A lot of good topics to learn from and to think/reflect on.

Best conference since I have been here.

Really great conference this year!

I thought Joe had a lot more to give us but was focused on facilitating discussion.  I wish he would have presented more.

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