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Presentation Skills That Win Contracts!

Presentation Skills are necessary if you want to have a successful career in any business.  Sometimes, it’s the only edge you have over your competitor.
Through his decades of having presentation skills,  Joe’s companies were awarded millions of dollars in contracts without having to be the low bidder.

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Presentation Skills That Win Contracts

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Course Description:

  • The willingness to learn how to sell at the right price, not the low price.
  • Be coachable

For 30 years, Joe Egan has been an owner of one of the largest construction companies in the nation, The Egan Companies. Over that time, he’s successfully negotiated millions of dollars in construction contracts based on, in his words, “the right price, not the low price.”

There is a method and skill set that made him successful in a tough bidding industry. With years of construction negotiation experience, Joe is here to help you beat your competition at your next presentation with information that is easy to understand and quick to implement.

This course on presentation skills is based on the tips outlined in his book, The General Contractor – How to be a Great Success or Failure. All you need is the willingness to learn these methods, which are easy to understand and quick to implement.

End the frustration of putting in all the work of responding to a request for proposal and putting in countless hours and dollars drawing up plans, specifications, cost estimates and schedules, only to be beaten by someone else with a superior 30-minute presentation.

How do you get to first place?  This course will help you understand what to do and what to avoid before, during and after your presentation.

You will learn the reasons why contractors do or do not get the contract award. It’s not always about price. Instead, success or failure lies in your ability to verbally persuade, use good body language, demonstrate the credibility of your perceived competence and your willingness to have a successful project.

Who are these classes for?
  • This course is for architects, engineers and CONTRACTORS who make face-to-face presentations to customers.
  • This course is NOT suited for those who rely solely on the low bid.

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