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Authored and Narrated by Joe Egan at Egan Publications Inc.



About the Book

Inside the book...

Many want to achieve success in being a project manager, but not everyone is given a roadmap on how to get there. Think about it. You worked hard, got promoted into a project management position and then what?

Having risen from the entry level, Joe Egan, shares over 45 years of his knowledge and experiences in, Construction Project Management: How the Great Ones Do It.

Joe puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you a roadmap to become more than an “OK” project manager. You are the navigator, you can ascend to success or descend to failure.

Going in either direction starts with the first step, so watch your step! Success is about doing many hundreds of things right and successfully managing the hundreds of things that go wrong. This book is one way to help you excel, even if there are roadblocks.

Having perseverance and courage are just two tools that you need to add to your box. One of the best ways to achieve what you want in life, is to have a plan to get there. Create your roadmap. In doing so, you will have access to great opportunities, enduring relationships, and monetary success.