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Building Positive Character by Joe Egan

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Friday Eganism #17 Leadership

Question: With so many definitions of leadership…what is the common trait?

Answer: When it is all boiled down. Leadership is something that can’t be faked or granted. Instead it is earned, based upon one’s ability to inspire and contrary to some opinions leadership is not based on age, education or job title.

Point: Leadership requires the ability to have willing followers.

Friday Eganism #16 Honesty

Question: Why is honesty so essential when dealing with others?

Answer: Because honesty leads to trust and respect, and therefore the ability to influence people. Honesty is easy when things are going great, but difficult when things are terrible. A high form of honesty is the ability to communicate constructive criticism with decorum and bad news by being direct.

Point: If you can’t be true to yourself and others, what is your reason for being?

Friday Eganism #15 Fear

Question: How is fear linked to courage?

Answer: (From Partial copy of Porche Advertisement in Delta Airlines Magazine) “The status quo dies hard.  After all, it has one of the most powerful forces on the planet as its ally… Fear. Enemy of change, stealer of ambition. Fear is the champion of the half measure, the checked swing, the almost there. It softens the hard stance, rounds a sharp edge and dulls the shine of a new idea. None of us can pretend to be fearless. But every day we have the chance to decide how much influence our fears deserve. So figure if something excites you tremendously and make a success of it. If not, then not. It’s a liberating thing, this leaving fear on the side of the road / because you did not caution your way or temper your enthusiasm. A life in any form should never be a compromise, a settling for something less

Final Point: Courage Changes Everything.

Friday Eganism #14 Friends

Question: Should your customers be your true friends or just friendly acquaintances?

Answer: They should be true friends. Friendship is the reciprocal activity of supporting who the other person is while they support who you are. It’s about being unselfish, generous, kind, and thoughtful. Friends are unconditional and earn your confidence.

Point: Friends are the ones who stay with you all the way, others are just acquaintances.

Remember, “The road to success is always under construction.”

Friday Eganism #13 First Impressions

Question: Why are first impressions so important?

Answer: It appears impossible but upon meeting someone for the first time that other person will receive five key impressions about you which could be good or bad, right or wrong…all within the first few seconds.

Those observations are obviously appearance but also your trustworthiness, level of aggression likability and competence

Point: Always be aware of the importance of first impressions.

Remember, “The road to success is always under construction.”

Friday Eganism #12 Guarantee

Question: Are there really any guarantees in life?

Answer: Not really, even most written guarantees aren’t guarantees in the most proper sense as they include conditions, exceptions, and time limits. Hard work is not a guarantee. None of us are even guaranteed our next breath. The world owes us nothing. Therefore, success is not guaranteed to any of us, but we can be guaranteed that we will not be successful if we don’t put in the time,  work, commitment, or have the right attitude.

Final Point: Try hard to have your best day with your best self every day, without the expectation of guarantee

Remember, “The road to success is always under construction.”


Friday Eganism #11 Failure

Question:  How does failure lead to success?

Answer Failure is a fact of life and becomes itself only when you let it establish your mindset. Failure should be anticipated and you should have a predetermined reaction ready to go when it occurs. …that would be persistency, courage and optimism. Failure is not always long term and it provides important lessons for what not to do. It is strange, yet obviously true, that failure and success are mixed in the same bottle, so don’t avoid a challenge just because of the risk of failure, because usually failure is one step closer to success.

Final Point Failure is most often just a temporary defeat encountered on the road to success.

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Friday Eganism – #10 Hope

Question: Is it important to have a strong sense of hope?

Answer: yes, but hope alone is limiting  … for example Hope does not make for a good strategic plan… and Hope thrust upon you by others are often selling you a promise that can’t be fulfilled.

On the other hand, Hope allows us to believe that possibilities exist. So embrace internal positive hope. Use Hope to propel yourself to the next level of planning, execution and fulfillment. So really, Hope is the daydream that gets you from one circumstance to the next

Final Point:  Dream and plan-that’s what the great ones do.

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 Friday Eganism – #9 Empathy

Question: How does having empathy improve customer relationships?

Answer: Empathy is having the ability and the desire to share the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that someone else is experiencing.

It’s a trait that I believe not all people possess, but one that is required in order to understand and therefore support another person.

In building positive relationships, empathy is a simple matter of collecting emotional information about the other person. The more you collect, the deeper the relationship.

Empathy is a gift derived from what you have gone through in life.

Point: Empathy is life’s mirror. It is the reason we smile at a smile and tear at a tear.

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Eganism – # 8 Emotional Intelligence

Question: How do you acquire and use Emotional Intelligence?

Answer: Emotions do not discriminate by age, race, or gender. But they are equally classified into positives or negatives. High positive emotional intelligence is linked to empathy. It is present in high performers with good social skills, mental health, leadership ability and customer service tendencies.

Emotional Intelligence is about containing, interpreting, measuring, and managing emotions. Whereas emotional drama is about unfolding intensity and conflict.

Point: Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage your emotions, as well as the emotions of others, without getting too emotional about it.

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Friday Eganism – #7 Courage

Question: Why does it take courage to be successful?

Answer: Courage is a requisite for the mastery of fear, risk, and

intimidation. Courage is an attribute of good character and is a virtue that is held in high esteem along with justice, wisdom, prudence, and temperance. Courage is also about trusting your intuition, standing

up to what is wrong and speaking your mind. Courage makes you worthy of respect, so every day that you are fearful, take action against it. Understand that fear seeks only to hold you back: step into your courage and see your life expand.

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Friday Eganisms – #6 Conflict

Question: What is the best way to approach conflict when dealing with others?

Answer: First of all there is a big difference between disagreements and conflicts. Disagreements between people can often be negotiated for a win – win, but conflicts must be won or lost.

When deciding whether or not to enter into conflict, ask yourself “If I do this, how will I feel about it six months from now?” and be principled about choosing your conflicts. Don’t choose conflict as a remedy for retaliation or antagonism. Although that may feel good in the short term, it may take you off the high road and lead you down the low road of bitterness and regret.

Point: Conflicts can’t always be won, so pick the ones that you can win.

Friday Eganisms – Eganism #5 Character

Question: How does character affect your level of true success?

Answer: Good character is prized by the wise and includes trustworthiness, courage, consideration, responsibility and fairness.

What better compliment can someone give another than to say they have good character?

Bad character is a stain upon oneself: it includes arrogance, a hot temper, deceit and dominance.

Character, then, is at the very center of who we are. Character is more than reputation which is what others think of you are.

Whereas Character is about what and who you are.

Point: Character is exposed when you do things when other people are not looking.