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Building Positive Character by Joe Egan

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Your Eganism for this week is on Talent:


Talent is unique because it is unspecified from birth, yet it is manifested by innate ability.

The seed of talent remains a mystery. It does not appear to lie only in our genes—if that were the case, the children of Bach, Stravinsky, and Mozart would all be great music composers.

Talent is both physical (as in sports, art, and acting) and mental (as in empathy, sixth sense, and composing).

Talent is different than genius. Genius is what you know; talent is what you have.

Talent is a gift: like any other gift, the best response is to be grateful.

It’s important to recognize that talent is only a starting point. For talent to serve you well you must master it otherwise it is a waste.

Final Point Talent is an endowed gift not to be ignored or flouted.


Remember, “The road to success is always under construction.”

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